Personal financial planning that fits your unique family and business.

For Leffel, Otis & Warwick, “personal planning” means more than the consideration of an individual. We’re committed to the financial health of your entire family. 

Our expert advisers will empower you to make the most of your current assets while planning ahead for things like:

  • Expanding your farming operations
  • Saving for your children’s education
  • Family growth or transitions
  • Retiring comfortably on your own terms



  • Custom budget and finance management unique to each farm and industry.
  • Expert advice for life events, such as changes in family size and transitions.

Cash Flow Management

  • Advice regarding the projection of yearly cash inflows, outflows, and potential shortfalls.
  • Equity evaluation of long-term assets to prepare for cash flow shortfalls.

Asset Management

  • Advice for tax liability during  liquidation.
  • Evaluation of assets, including the sale of less productive assets, leasing of assets, or purchase of new machinery and resources as they might relate to taxable income.

Establish a legacy of security & protection for your loved ones

Preserve your hard-earned financial assets for future generations with personal estate planning. Leffel, Otis & Warwick can help you develop a strategic plan designed around the unique needs of your farm and your family with services that include:

  • Business valuations to reduce taxes and maximize family inheritance
  • Education regarding the tax implications of your estate’s structure
  • Creation and implementation of business succession plans
  • Preparation of estate income tax returns
  • Estate administration assistance
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