Whether you’re pursuing financing today or making plans for tomorrow, a well-researched budget will help your business soar.

Today’s farm managers know that maintaining a detailed budget is the best way for a farm to secure financing, observe their present status, and plan for future success.


Operating Budget

We work with clients to develop a realistic budget based on historical transactions as well as anticipated revenue & expenses. From there, we can help you identify potential problem areas and plan workable and timely solutions.

Capital Budget

Capital budgeting allows us to compile a written plan and recommend additions and retirements in your capital assets portfolio. This will help you plan equipment rotations and provide an opportunity to schedule other events such as land purchases and debt payoffs.


Even profitable businesses experience cash flow issues from time to time. By studying your operating budget, we can forecast and evaluate your company’s financial health, estimate financing requirements, and trace exactly how your cash resources are being utilized. 

Financial Health

The professionals at Leffel, Otis & Warwick are dedicated to the financial health of you, your family, and your farm.  The ever-growing costs of production and the volatility of commodities markets can be difficult to navigate alone. Our advisers provide budget management assistance to support the financial health of your operations throughout the entire year, not just when it’s time to file taxes.

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